Surely you have also wondered why dogs lick us. In two minutes, we help you solve the mystery;)

There are a number of reasons why dogs might lick us: to show their affection, as a sign of submission or even because they like the taste of the sweat on particular parts of our body or because we’ve applied a moisturiser that tastes nice to them.

It’s common for dogs to lick their owners’ or other people’s faces or the corner of their mouths. Canine expert Alba Benítez explains that this behaviour is inherited from dogs’ wolf ancestors:

“In wolf packs, cubs will lick the corners of the mother’s mouth to stimulate the regurgitation of food. As adults, both wolves and dogs continue to copy some of the behaviours they displayed as pups and use them as ways of communicating, to appease other animals of the same or a different species, and even to demonstrate submissiveness or subordination.”

It seems that its part of a ritualised social language. Our dogs use them to show submissiveness and also as a way of seeking our acceptance of them. In a way, they are equivalent to displays of affection like human kisses.

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