As with the food products we buy for our consumption, when choosing the food for our dog, it is very important to know how to interpret the labels of nutrients and ingredients used to prepare it, and in general all the information that the manufacturer offers us through information on the bag. Only in this way will we be aware of what we are really going to feed him and make the right decision.

Just as with the food that we buy for ourselves, when it comes to buying food for our dogs, it’s really important that we understand the labels that give nutritional information and ingredients, as well as any other information provided by the manufacturer on the packaging. This is the only way we can really know what we’re giving them to eat, and that we’re making the right decision.

What kind of information can you find on a label?

  • The food’s composition and ingredients
  • The life stage of the dog for which the food is intended (adult, puppy or senior)
  • The product’s main benefits
  • The date of manufacture and use-by date
  • Contact details for the manufacturer
  • Feeding Guidelines

When talking about nutrients, the quality, as well as the quantity, is important

There are laws governing the way in which ingredients are described and manufacturers must use specific terms, depending on the source and composition of the ingredients.

First on the list

It’s also important to understand that the law obliges manufacturers to list ingredients according to weight, prior to manufacture, from largest to smallest. This means that the ingredient that is present in the largest quantity before the food is processed will be listed first. That’s why – regardless of any claims or statements on the packaging – the list of ingredients is key to finding out the truth about the composition of a food. We hope this brief guide will help you to understand the labels on dog food, and to make the right decision for your dog.

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