The Canadian Economy Sheds 9400 jobs in June

The Canadian Economy Sheds 9400 jobs in JuneWell, we all know that the world economy is on a kind of recess. Not as much of the depressions of the past but going by the figures available for Canada, then we can deduce that in the month of June, this country’s economy was on a kind of a reverse gear. With the economy shedding more than 9400 jobs in the last month of June, this means that the country has had its lowest employment rate for the last six months. The jobless rate in effect went up to 7.1%. This is not is not good news at all. A quick look at these statistics gives us the following picture:

  1. Unemployment rate was up 7.1%
  2. The country’s employment rate was effectively 61.4%
  3. The number of people working was 17,820, 700
  4. The women, 25 and above working was 5.7%
  5. The youth 15 years to 24 years unemployed were 13.4%
  6. Number of the unemployed people was 1,343,800
  7. Men 25 and above who are unemployed were 6.4%

Now, does this mean that there were no companies or organization that was short of staff  during the period in question? The report for June means that this was the weakest growth for this country. This was since the February 2010 period when the economy had begun to improve in the as far as recovery from the recession was concerned.. This simply means that the Bank of Canada has added pressure to keep the interest rates at the near one per cent.

Other statistics

What are the other statistics that we can pick from the June report? Does it mean that all was gloom? There must have been a few other things that were positive about the economy and the growth of the job market segments. Well, here are some of the other facts that we can get from the report:

  1. There were about 33,500 full time jobs that were added during the month of June. The segment of self employment was up by 23, 400 jobs during this period. The part time jobs segment was down by 34,000 jobs. The public as well as the private payrolls went down in the month of June. This was by a figure of 21,000 and 11, 900 jobs respectively.
  2. Currency wise, the Canadian dollar was down when compared to the UD dollar. This was after the jobs data was released.
  3. The economists had forecast a range of twenty thousand to thirty five thousand jobs losses. The consensus was that the joblessness would remain unchanged at seven per cent. This was widely a start contrast to what was generally expected by the markets.
  4. The picture was different for the manufacturing industries. The industry shed around eleven thousand jobs. There were, however, more construction jobs for the month of June. 31,800 people found jobs in this segment of the economy. This is the highest ever since April 2012.

What the general population feels

When a few people were interviewed on the above numbers, they had the following to say:

  1. They felt that the cost of living was going up generally due to the increase in the number of taxes levied on the people. They felt that the cost of doing business in Ontario had gone up due to these taxes.

The Liberal government was responsible for taxes such as stewardship eco taxes, electronics tax and the smart meter tax. These were some of the taxes that made the cost of living to go up as well as the cost of doing business to increase.

Unemployment or Disengagement?

What is unemployment?

It can quite safely be assumed that unemployment is lack of working opportunities. At least that is how it appears to a majority of people. Reasons for unemployment have historically been blamed on bad government and corrupt leaders. Frighteningly and increasingly immigration has been excessively blamed in countries like Britain, France, Greece and many more European countries but not limited to the continent. Australia, New Zealand and USA have also reasoned with unemployment in the same voice and tone which has been aligned to racial prejudice.

People fail to see that they are dissatisfied with themselves and their lifestyles which do not require just money to address but something far more important, the willingness to be engaged with your own potential. The very reason why there is unemployment is because people have increasingly and systematically become disinterested and disengaged with their own potential that is what they can create or offer. Clearly no employer wants to employ someone who is not aware of what they can offer. It becomes obvious that people are more in need of direction to realize their potential than they are in need of a job opening.

What you have to offer is not your limit just the beginning

It’s not without any justification that resource employment solutions and many more employment agencies have been created. Employers find them to be efficient in successfully suggesting candidates, setting up interviews and trusting the system under which they operate. They are clear on what an employer is looking for and what would benefit them. They also have a thorough system of assessing candidates’ potential and skills. Mutual trust allows for successful pairings.

The undergraduate

The average undergraduate may be unemployed but he’s engaged, be that with his studies or hobbies he’s more convinced and rightly so, to have something to offer. All people have potential and they differ. Consequently, undergraduates tend to be more positive and appeal to employers who are more willing to teach or train an individual with something to offer. It is a greater challenge to train or teach someone who appears to be generally disinterested and disengaged.

The solution to unemployment

It’s not straightforward but some things are not completely out of your control. To get help and direction to understand your own potential through employment agencies is the very minimum a person can do. In addition people need to observe and revaluate how they are spending their time. Whatever it is that you’re investing yourself and time you should think of how to turn it into a service for others or convert into something to offer that might eventually pay your bills.

A final note on unemployment is that times and technology have moved us toward an era where being self-employment and in charge of the service and potential you have to offer will keep you ‘employed’ but really you are engaged. We can’t rely on cooperations, smaller businesses and government to open up work opportunities for us. This applies at least to all those who live under capitalist democratic systems.

Selling herbal remedies for a living

Selling herbal remedies for a livingIf you’re looking for a new career, it may be worth your while considering selling Herbal remedies for a living. There are currently many people and businesses selling herbal remedies, but they sell them along with other products too. If you would like to create a niche in the market and offer potential customers something different, this could be the business for you.

Herbal remedies are becoming a lot more popular and more and more people realise they really do work. This means that they no longer have to rely on regular western medication and can in fact substitute some of it for herbal remedies.

Of course this doesn’t mean we should all stop taking medication that has been prescribed by our doctor, it just means there are other options to consider. Selling herbal remedies could help to open your eyes up to a whole new world where side effects and costly medication are no longer relied upon as much as they are now.

Here are some factors you need to consider if you’re thinking about selling herbal remedies for a living:

1 – Your local government may have restrictions and controls in place that regulate what you sell and even how much you sell. This is to ensure the products you sell are safe as are your customers

2 – You may have to identify which remedies you are likely to sell as a food and ones that you wish to sell as a form of medication. There are restrictions and guidelines for both, so you need to make sure you’re up to date

3 – There are laws surrounding the sale of herbal remedies, so please make sure you’re aware of them

4 – You may need to undergo some sort of training to show you’re qualified to sell and even dispense remedies

5 – You will have to spend time getting to know every single remedy that you sell. This is so you can safely inform your customers of their use and ensure you sell products safely and responsibly.

Selling herbal remedies for a living can be a great way to encourage people to find a new way to deal with illnesses and ailments. If you think this is something you could be interested in, please contact your local authorities who may be able to advise you on the right type of training courses and legislations/laws that you need to consider before you make your first sale.

Training to be a Plumber

Choosing a career can be a difficult process, and the feeling that it is a choice for life makes it an ever more daunting one. When faced with choosing a career then, many people will decide to choose a profession that offers stability as well as good financial reward, and plumbing is a career that offers just that. Because of this many young people are turning towards plumbing as their career of choice.

First steps

Training to be a plumber can begin at a young age, and there are many varying training courses which anyone wanting to can enrol in, each with their own focuses and methods of training.

The kind of course that each person enrols in depends on their specific aims and goals of what they want to achieve throughout their training, and consequently what areas of plumbing they want to specialise in.


During these training courses securing a training contract or apprenticeship is the best step to take. This method of training will give a good degree of on the job experience which is greatly helped by the years of experience the master in this case would have. Having the opportunity to work on real jobs is excellent towards gaining a good set of skills, which will then be instrumental towards securing either better training contracts or jobs with good companies such as Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

There is no better way to improve skill than experience, and by being an apprentice the excellent opportunity to be in a real life situation will contribute more to the career than any number of certificates.

Become licensed

This is an essential part of becoming a plumber as without a license, carrying out paid plumbing work will be illegal. Licenses ensure a minimum guarantee of quality and mean that if the plumber was to make any drastic mistakes which ended in the house becoming flooded or property becoming damaged, then they would be covered by insurance, which is a reassurance for both the plumber and the property owners.

Build on this

Plumbing is the kind of career that allows for constant development in skills, experience and qualifications. By building up a good set of skills it is a good idea to have proof or evidence of this with more certificates or qualifications. By having these, the plumber will be able to charge more for their services, as these certificates will offer a kind of guarantee of better service.

How Vetiver Oil Create Jobs

How Vetiver Oil Create JobsNatural oils are becoming one of the world’s most highly sought after products, and their benefits do not stop at their many healthy properties. Many jobs have come out of this industry, and many jobs are created outside of the industry because of it.

Use of Vetiver Technologies for Women Empowerment

Vetiver Essential Oil is a major essential oil, and has been linked closely with movements of empowerment of women. The Entreprendre au Féminin – Océan Indien association have set up many distilleries with the intention of creating bounteous opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

The production they are focusing span four major industry sectors; agricultural, handicraft, manufacturing and service. This movement illustrates the incredible versatility of this grass plant, and in the west we are more familiar with its health and beauty properties.

Vetiver from Haiti

Haiti is considered to be the producer of the best vetiver oil; over half of the world’s vetiver comes from Haiti, being predominantly transported to the US, France and Switzerland to be produced in men’s perfumes.

A Swiss company Firmenich has commenced a partnership with many of the Haitian farmers who work with the roots of vetiver to produce oil. Firmenich is one of the major buyers of vetiver oil, and uses it in many of its products.

This partnership aim to create and secure around 30,000 jobs in Haiti, and is planned to continue to 2022.

Jobs in the West

Vetiver comes to the west mainly with its healing, relaxing properties, and is known mainly in those industries. The demand for these products has sky rocketed recently, and many companies have set themselves the goal to provide the most natural and effective oil to conscious buyers.

Some companies buy the roots themselves to produce the oil themselves, and some buy the oil already produced. This creates employment for scientists who develop ways to increase the potency and effects of their oil. These companies also produce other essential oils, but it is sometimes the case that there will be specialists on each oil.

These oils then go to distributors who benefit from the high quality and high demand for essential oils such as vetiver by selling them.

Fair Trade

It is usually the case that the farmers of the countries that produce these oils are the ones that grow it themselves, where after western companies buy the product. The case of Firmenich is a unique and innovative one in the way that they are directly involved in the growing and harvesting of the roots.

Due to the customer base that creates the high demand for these oils, the companies usually tend to support a fair trade relationship with the farmers. The customers that buy essential oil products generally like to buy natural products and would rather support an ethical partnership with the farmers and countries that produce vetiver.

This is the trend for these products, and due to it, the costs of these essential oils can be high. But this cost is indicative of the lasting and highly beneficial properties that vetiver oil has to offer.

Keeping up with the Payroll

Keeping up with the PayrollKeeping up with the payroll of employees in your business can be a challenge itself, but when it comes to actually carrying out there are many rules and regulations to meet that the process itself can be highly challenging and complicated.

One thing to decide if you are at the beginning stages of a business is how many people to employ, what kind of employees you need, and how much you can pay them. A time does come when you don’t have enough time to carry out all the work that needs to be done, and you are still struggling to solidly root the business into a stable growth and are short on capital.


In deciding who to employ you need to decide exactly what you want done and how much you can pay them. This depends on your business, and whether it is essential that the task that you can’t do yourself is of excellent quality, or just needs to be done.

For tasks that you need to be high quality you can either decide to do it yourself, or pay slightly more to ensure what you are paying for is of more quality. Now just paying more is no guaranteed sign of better quality, so it may be a good idea to take the extra step of either employing someone you know, or who has been recommended to you.

You may then decide to either work with them in the same building to ensure that they are meeting what you need, and that you are there if they have any questions, or just communicate online.

Online communication is great for outsourcing work as it means that you can reach people from all over the world, and that your choice for employment vastly expands. You can decide to employ someone from abroad who you do not need to pay as much, or employ someone who can’t leave their home or is just simply too far to come to the office.

This can include stay at home parents who have experience working, but can’t leave. They can bring a lot to your business.

More Employees

As your business grows you will probably have to start employing more people to do some of the work that you can’t do. This is when your need to be a leader comes in, and a lot of time will be spent on managing your workforce and making decisions based on the direction the company should be going.

So when it comes to meeting the regulations of a payroll you most likely won’t be in charge of it, and may need to employ another person to do this, or to incorporate that into the role of one of your employees. There is also the opportunity to outsource this management of your payrolls to other companies. Temp Works payroll funding software is from one of the leading companies in this area, and is a guarantee that all the regulations will be met, and more time and money will not have to be dedicated to fixing a mistake.

The question on how to go about this is going to be a personal one, and depends on where you want to put your money and time, like everything else in business.

Online job search – do you have a website?

Online job search – do you have a website?The job market currently is very competitive and has been described as a buyer’s market, both online and offline. This means you must be able to communicate with prospective employers in a way that makes your job application stand out from others. One of the best ways to do this, especially if you are applying online, is to have a well-written and well-referenced portfolio or CV online, either on your own website, or on any of a number of sites where you can do this free of charge or for a small fee.

A good portfolio should detail your strongest employment related skills, your personality, your life values, and your most significant career achievements to date, all clearly stated to show that you are particularly suited to the type of work you are looking for.

Websites are exceptionally good at putting all this information across, because you can use video, audio, and text as needed. Giving your prospective employer a link to your website or to a web page with your portfolio can be very effective and you do not need to be a web designer to achieve this. Most portfolio websites offer you the opportunity to feature a number of clips, and you can of course include links to video and audio clips hosted on third party sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

If you are already working online a professionally designed website is a better option of course because besides using it to leverage your portfolio you can use it to market yourself, by linking it to your Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in accounts, etc. To have a website built for you a search in Google should offer a reliable web development agency for local businesses in your local area.

You may also use Google to find suitable employers in your local area where to send your job application; actually just email them expressing your interest and sign off with your website link or the link to your portfolio if you are using a community website.

Everybody these days has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites, but you want to keep these accounts private for obvious reasons, especially from a prospective employer.

If you are building a personal website, start small, with a simple website. You can get one designed and hosted for less than $100. You can always upgrade it later, if for instance you want to sell products or services online. Any other enhancements you need can be added at a later date.

The internet makes it that easier to search for a job because you could literally send tens of emails like this in minutes, without leaving your home or office. Imagine if you had to post your resume by snail-mail to tens or hundreds of employers!

If you are looking for a job online a personal website or an online portfolio is a great investment. You just need to set it up once and keep updating it. It will certainly make it a lot easier for you as you go about your job search online.

Can you find the right job?

Can you find the right job?Are you out of work at the moment, or are you looking for another job? As you’re probably aware, it can be quite hard to find work these days.

The jobs market isn’t what it used to be, but there is hope. More and more businesses are doing better as the economy is starting to improve. This means those businesses are now able to offer more work to those that want it.

Can you find the right job?

But can you find the right job for you? Can you find employment that you could potentially enjoy? We all want a job that we love, but it’s not always that easy to find one. This is because the job we want isn’t always available, or we simply don’t have the right skills.

If you want to get a specific job, you’re going to have to work to get it. This may mean you will have to go to college or university in order to get the qualifications you need.

You May be lucky

You may be lucky and find a job that you love, even if you don’t think that you will. I once had a job working in a bakery, and it was one I didn’t think I would love so much. But, I enjoyed baking the fresh bread and cakes every day, and although the pay wasn’t great, I certainly did enjoy the job.

You may also be lucky and find that your dream job is available, and if you have the right skills and experience, you may even get it. This is something that not everyone has the privilege of getting, but when you do, it will be wonderful.

What sector will you work in?

What sector will you work in? Are you interested in retail, marketing, finance or care? If you’re interested in the latter than you should think about visiting as there’s a load of information about the care industry, and you could find a lot of it very useful.

No matter what job you want to do, you will find there are both positive and negative aspects to it. The important thing is you enjoy your job and you come home every day feeling like you’ve achieved something.

I wish you all the luck in the world in your endeavor to find a job that you love.

Choosing the Right Medical Path

Choosing the Right Medical PathChoosing a career in the medical profession invites many bright students who want a rewarding, challenging and stimulating career that gives them the chance to provide a hugely important and sometimes lifesaving service. However, within the medical profession there are many different careers to choose from, each providing a vital service and rewarding career, and each suited to different people.


A pharmacist is a somewhat overlooked career which will provide a lot if direct contact with patients and is perfectly suited for some who are not attracted by the prospect of multiple hour surgeries or some of the much more demanding parts of different medical careers.

Many people have wondered how to become a pharmacist and have been motivated to become a trained pharmacist because of some of the following reasons.

The Service

A pharmacist like all other medical professions provides an invaluable service to society through their recommendation and distribution of medicines based on their wide and in-depth knowledge of them. The access to medicine is one of the fundamental pillars of a developed and democratic society, and pharmacists often play an underappreciated role compared to other medical professions, while being just as important.

It is no wonder that those wanting to help people are drawn into a profession which can at times be considered a less important and challenging.

Direct Relationship with Customers

The nature of this work means that there can be very direct and sometimes close and recurrent relationships which come to be built on respect and trust. The benefit of the work is clearly seen and can be received with deep gratitude, which is very rewarding and encouraging. A massive part of feeling that the career chosen is a fulfilling one is to see the positive effect the work is having on the people that are being working with.


Due to the important role of pharmacists in society there is and most likely always will be a steady demand for them, and therefore steady career prospects for any person who trains as a pharmacist. Training to be in the medical profession can be an expensive and timely process, so it is important for anyone wanting to do so to have the opportunity to be rewarded with a well-paid and stable career with which the debts can be returned and money can be put towards a good quality of life outside of the work place as well as within.

It is no wonder after seeing just some of these benefits that so many people are training as pharmacists.

Do You Need a New Job?

Do You Need a New Job?Are you looking for a new job? If you’re reading this then chances are you’re thinking of working elsewhere.

We can all get tied to our jobs, no matter how hard we try. I used to work with a team of people who had mixed opinions about their work. Some loved it, some hated it while others thought the job was relatively ok. No matter which category someone fell in, when it came to the staff night out, all anyone would talk about was work. This was quite frustrating as we spent 40 hours a week at work, only to have a night out and talk about it.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a new job, there are some things you can do to improve your chances.

  1. Brush up on your CV – make it sound good without lying, and don’t forget to include any training courses you’ve been on. If you don’t think your current employer is going to give you a good reference, try to make amends. If you’re usually late, come to work on time. If you get into trouble for slacking off, stop slacking off.
  2. Start looking for work now – the sooner you do, the sooner you’re going to find something that appeals to you. Keep looking even if there doesn’t seem to be anything out there. the more you look for work, the better chance you’ll have of finding something.
  3. Take night classes – if your future job needs specific qualifications that you don’t have, take night classes. Alternatively, if you work part time you may want to consider taking a course that means you’re in college a few days a week.
  4. Get the experience you need – if you want to work for Plumbers Birmingham, try to get some work experience doing a bit of plumbing. The more experience you have, the more likely you are to get the job
  5. Don’t’ give up – I know the jobs market can be a bit disappointing at times, but keep looking. There are jobs out there, you just have to take the time to look for them.
  6. Start today – start looking for your new job today. There’s no time like the present and you may get an idea as to what’s out there, what’s available now and the qualifications and experience you’ll need. Don’t put your life and dream job on hold any longer, look for work now.

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