Is a Culinary Degree Right for You?

The traditional school model in the United States is four years of high school and then a bachelor’s degree from a four year college. As the cost of education has become more expensive though, increasingly young adults are looking at alternative options for their careers. If you enjoy cooking, one career that you might pursue that has its own educational requirements is as a chef, but you might need a culinary degree.

Type of Jobs

If you obtain a culinary degree, the opportunities for jobs are vast and varied. Of course, a dream of many is to be a chef in a famous restaurant and run your own kitchen. You could also end up working in a hospital, at a resort, a corporate headquarters office, or even be a private chef. If you are an entrepreneur, maybe you could even open your own kitchen! Here are some of the “title’s” if you end up working in the culinary industry:

- Short order cooks – think waffle house! Often short order cooks have no cooking experience or education
- Line Chef – like an assembly line, a line chef is in charge of a particular part of the meal preparation, and works under close supervision of a sous chef. Line chefs often don’t have a culinary degree, but if they are interested in progressing, it would make sense to pursue one

ChefPicture Credit: Salar Hassani

- Sous Chef – The sous chef is the right hand man (or woman) of the head honcho. A sous chef learns from the head chef, and usually aspires to be a head chef of his or her own kitchen someday.

- Executive Chef – this is the top position in the kitchen, and doesn’t just involve cooking, but also managing the whole kitchen, from inventory, plating design, menu creation and staffing. For many chef’s, this would mean working in a find dining establishment, and is as good as it gets.

Types of Degrees

A culinary degree is not just a one-size fits all program. There are many different cooking schools, and each offers their own specialized curriculum. In addition, there are different types of degrees:

- Diplomas or certificates – usually require one year or less of study and are focused in a particular area of culinary arts. With this type of degree, you could probably obtain entry level employment in a commercial kitchen

Hotel kitchenPicture Credit: Frank Wagner

- Associates Degree in culinary arts – usually a two year curriculum that also has some general education components (think math, writing, etc.). Upon completion, graduates often pursue chef work

- Bachelor’s Degree in culinary arts – these are best for students wishing to be part of hospitality management. These are usually four year degrees

- Master’s degree – For the very serious student, this entails education beyond a bachelor’s degree, and usually involves training with chefs and focuses on mastering particular culinary disciplines

If this sounds interesting to you, research the local cooking schools in your area. While some course work can certainly be done online, the core part of chef training involves hands on work, so sharpen your best knives (click here for reviews on knife sharpeners), brush up your chopping skills, and prepare for a future in the culinary arts.

How to Get Rid of Debt

How to Get Rid of DebtDebts are something that most people in their life time will build up, and there are several ways to deal with it. The worst in my opinion is surprisingly common, which is where people in their reluctance to deal with the problem allow it to get out of hand by ignoring it. The best way is to face it as soon as possible before it gets worse, and inform yourself of the best way to proceed. Here are a few steps to take which will drastically help you reduce your debt. Read More…

Tips on How to Travel within Your budget

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What to do To Ensure You Love the Job you have

What to do To Ensure You Love the Job you haveTimes have really changed. Getting a job these days is not as easy as it used to be some years ago. By then, it was easy to leave a job because you are not happy with it and within some weeks you secure yourself another. These days, you have to knock into many offices and attend as many interviews to secure yourself a job if you are lucky enough. People have therefore stopped choosing on jobs and are ready to do just about anything that comes their way as long as they can earn a living out of it. It is therefore possible to feel bad about the job at one point or the other. However, there is need to make sure you love your job rather than hate it because at least you have it in such a competitive market. You may not be in a position to love every aspect of your job but there is what you can do to improve your attitude. Things that can help you love your job include:

Do not focus too much on the money you earn

Some people feel bad because they believe that what they are earning is way too less than what they need to sustain their luxurious lives. This attitude will definitely make you discouraged to work more because you feel that your efforts are not fully recognized. Instead of stressing yourself about your salary, you need to count yourself lucky that at least you are getting something and make plans on how to save for a better tomorrow. This is why you will require having a budget to control your spending. The truth of the matter is that money will never be enough and therefore using it as an excuse will only make you depressed for no good reason. Learn to live within your means.

Do not allow the job to define you

It is good to note that the job we do does not define us but how well we do it is what that matters. The attitude you have towards your work will play a great role in determining the outcome. You therefore need to develop a positive attitude towards your job if you want to be at peace with what you do.

Try to get reasons to why you do your job

You need to ask yourself whether the job is worth the efforts. This does not necessarily mean that you are dissatisfied. It may help you to get a better direction towards getting to love the job. If you find yourself doing something that you had always said you will never do, this does not mean that you are in the wrong job. May be you just need to change the way you view things. This may be the right job for you only that you had never realized. For example, if you are creative enough, you may find yourself in the photography or design and printing industry yet you had never visualized yourself working here at some time. You need to realize that this is your talent and so you need to own it up and look for ways to better yourself. If you are an entrepreneur, you may think that the business is failing because you are not fit for the job. However, you could improve on some aspects of the job to make it what you desire. You could improve the business impression by use of business cards by print penguin from their online shop. You must own up your business for success.

How to Open a New Hairdressing Salon

How to Open a New Hairdressing SalonThere are various opportunities in hairstyling start-ups. For starters, you can choose to open a franchise establishment. This requires upfront payment of a fee to use a well-established brand name. This allocates you the reputation, and in some instances, resources like marketing and advertising to start. The second option is to purchase an already existent business. This either can be from someone who is switching careers or has fallen into bankruptcy. In such cases, you purchase the establishment, including the equipment. The client in-flow in such as scenario depends on the conduct and reputation of the previous owner. It is important to state that the establishment is under fresh management, especially in cases where the previous owner had negative reviews. The third option is to start from scratch, and purchase equipment from, location and recruit new employees.


The salon should be easy to access for client convenience and near high traffic areas to encourage walk-ins. Other factors to consider include safety, lighting, and appeal. The ideal option is to locate a business in busy and safe commercial centres for the traffic and safety. You might be lucky to get a location that used to house a former salon. This means that the included additional features such as extra plumbing are already in place, thereby saving you the expense.


Beauty and hair care is a very wide field. It is therefore important to define the services to focus on. This will determine the equipment to purchase, skilled personnel to recruit and time investment. In the same vein, it is important to establish a working schedule. This depends on preferences, as well as locality. Most establishments operate from early morning to late night. The busiest times are lunch hours, after work and holidays, as client have some reprieve from career and other responsibilities during such times. Be ready to accommodate special requests, such as bridal parties and busy clients. The common salon services include hair styling and cutting. This encompasses tasks such as highlighting, trimming, glazing and hair treatments. You can offer light complementary services such as nail art and facials on the onset.


The service pricing should encompass the client’s budget while allowing you to make reasonable returns. Higher than regular rates will limit the number of clients, while too low and you will be running a non-profit establishment. The pricing depends on locality demography and target group. A neighbourhood comprised solely of students will of course feature lower rates than upscale residential places.

The factors that determine the spacing include labour, supplies, overheads, and returns. Labour comprises of employee salary and benefits while supplies cover product and equipment costs. The overhead on the other hand cover costs such as mortgage, lease payments, and the regular utilities such as water and electricity.


Unfortunately, the success of a salon rides highly in the state of the economy. Some services such as nail art and massage are considered as luxury expenses, so people pursue them when the finances are available. Even regular hair styling takes a beating during harsh economic times, as most clients result to irregular visits, or home based hair remedies to cut on costs. To get through this hurdle, it is important to evaluate the target market economic state carefully. This includes employment rate, spending habits and frequency of the need for the services you are to offer. Brick and mortar salons usually depend in referrals for marketing. However, you can take this a notch higher and embrace online marketing tools such as social media and websites. This should be professionally done, and featuring formal language and design. Do note that they serve as round the clock advertisement forum, thereby proper care is important.

How to Effectively Manage Your Employees

How to Effectively Manage Your EmployeesHow to Effectively Manage Your Employees

Good management is the first step towards ensuring that you increase your employees’ productivity. Employees are the greatest pillar for your business and therefore must be handled carefully to retain that good work relationship as well as increasing their morale. Employees need a healthy work environment if you want to reap benefits from them. You must therefore examine your management practice from time to time. Let us look at some of the tips that you could use to make your employees fully productive. Read More…

Why Would One Choose to Become a Surgeon?

Why Would One Choose to Become a Surgeon?There are many careers in the medical field that one can choose from and all of them can be a fulfilling job if done by the right person. However, people go to the field with different reasons and some end up being overwhelmed because they find out later that things are not as they expected. Choosing a career in medicine will therefore require thorough personal investigation to be sure that this is where you want to spend your life. Imagine having to deal with people in their last days of life yet you get yourself suffering from nightmares when you see people oozing with blood. This is a clear indication that some careers in medicine are not fit for you no matter how much you admire those doing them.

Tips on choosing a career in medicine

Some people go into those complicated careers like surgery just because they want to brag about how tough they are but in the real sense, they will end up doing more harm than good to themselves because they will suffer silently with things they cannot handle. Surgery is a matter of life or death. For example we know that cancer is a deadly disease but we still give patients the hope of survival. This is why you will get some doctors performing things like Gastrectomy or the stomach surgery, brain surgery and the like. You operate a patient only with the hope that the patient will wake up alright and your surgery will be successful. A death as a result of the surgery could cost you a lot especially if some sort of negligence is discovered. This is a career you need to choose, one because you have passion and two because you know you can and are ready to help other people. Otherwise, do not be motivated by money. Surgeons earn a descent salary and so some parents pre-determine that their children must do this course because they want to get rich through them. However, such kids end up stressed with their lives because that is not where their passion is.

It is possible to hear some doctors saying that they would never choose the career if they were given an opportunity to do this all over again. It is usually that tough. Be sure that you have the technical skills and the knowledge needed for such a job. Before choosing on the career, you need to k now what field you are comfortable working in as well as the environment.

Some medical careers are good anyway because you do not need to deal with extremely sick patients. You can even choose to be advising people on how to maintain good health. Sometimes, this is a career that requires one to have a talent instead of mere passion.

Why medical professionals need be dynamic

Medical professionals need to be innovative and dynamic because there is too much change happening in the field. There are more diseases being discovered, technology is changing, other methods of treatment emerge and so one must be able to change with changing times.

Earning a Living through Photography

Earning a Living through PhotographyWhen people think about careers, in most cases they tend to ignore photography. Even those who are professional photographers may tell you that they never considered photography in their list of careers as they grew up. However, do you know that this is a very diverse career that could earn you a decent living just like any other white collar jobs that people prefer or even more? It is therefore good to discover your talent as early as possible to avoid wasting an opportunity for life. If you are artistic and you find yourself taking photographs for fun whether with a camera or your mobile device, then you could start thinking of a career in photography.

Making this early discovery will be of importance because you will choose an education path that will help you promote your technical skills. Did you know that you could even take a university course just to be a photographer? It is that serious if you only thought that only those with some little education are fit for this job.

Areas of specialization for a photographer

There are many fields you can get into with photography. You could choose on general or social photography. Here you could work for events like weddings or making portraits. Another option could be to take photos for advertisements or editorial use such as for magazines. You could also do photojournalism where your major role is to take photos that will accompany news in the press.   You can also join the fashion industry where you will be required to photograph models, take photos of clothing for their magazines as well as catalogues. There is also an opportunity to work in the medical or scientific sector where you take photos for recording the research as well as the treatments. There jobs just about anywhere you may think that photos are necessary and so the list is endless.

How to ensure success in the field

There is high competition in any job sector and so one has to show qualities that can be counted as a competitive advantage over the other job seekers in the market. Apart from having a certificate to show your academic qualification, you will need to display this in the real situation. You need to therefore be very creative in your work to ensure you produce unique quality. You will also need to market yourself. You could do this using the social media thanks to the internet which has made the world a global village. You can take photos and post them in your accounts in different social media. However, to succeed in promoting your business through the social media, you will need to convince people that you are capable by the number of followers and likes you have. You could Buy likes for the photos you post so as to attract more attention from others.

How to ensure quality photography

Apart from having the technical skills and talents, you will need to choose the best camera from the market to increase your photo quality. A quality camera is not necessarily determined by the price because it is possible to get quality cameras with just about any amount of money you plan to invest. Be more concerned about the features of the camera and be sure of the ones you need in your camera before you can go out looking for one. Things like megapixel may not make much sense if considered. However, you cannot afford to ignore the camera lenses when making your purchase decision. For example, a big lens will allow in too much light which means you need be under less light to get quality photos.

Making a Job out of Writing

Making a Job out of Writing There are many of us who enjoy writing a great amount, and some of us who love writing and would call it a passion. It makes sense then that we would want to make a job out of writing, because doing what you enjoy not only leads to better results, but also leads to a healthier mind and more rewarding lifestyle.   The only problem is that finding a stable job as a writer can be very difficult, even more so if you want to write books. Here are a few ways by which you can make a living out of writing while practicing it with writing your own things in mind.

Freelance writing

This is most likely the most readily available and common way to get employed as a writer. There are several websites which are dedicated to connecting freelance writers with employers who are looking for a writer, and these are a must check if you are serious about this. As with all writing it is more difficult during the initial stages as you have less credibility and experience, which means that at the beginning you may need to attract employers to you with low costs. Now, depending on where you live in the world, you are probably going to find it impossible to compete with those from countries who can afford to charge a fraction of what you can, so you have to give assurances of quality and worth. If English is your first language then you already have a huge advantage, and if you are a good writer then you have a second advantage, you just need to make people aware of it

Freelance writing includes many different types of writing, and I will go through a few now.

Content writing

This is probably the biggest form of freelance writing, and means that you will have to research and write about a wide variety of topics, which in my experience can at times be difficult, but for the most part is interesting and rewarding. I appreciate the wide variety of subjects that I have learnt about and found out about

Essay writing

Writing people’s essays for them is probably not what you had in mind when you considered a writing career, but there are many things that can work in your favour. You are being paid to do what you enjoy doing; you are able to work at hours that you set yourself; and you are all the time able to hone your writing skills and talent, which may end up helping your own book, and will definitely be beneficial to getting more freelance work.

There are companies that offer an essay writing service that have become very successful in the process.

Ghost Writing

There are many different types of writing that come under freelance writing, but perhaps one that may interest you the most is ghost writing. Ghost writing for those that don’t know is writing a novel for someone else who will give you guidelines. Although this will not be under your name, it can work out to your benefit as you have much more creative freedom than the other types of writing, and if you are hoping to make a name for yourself as a writer, in some cases you may not want to have your name on it, instead wanting to emerge with a good style already.

Jobs That Give You an Opportunity to Work with Animals

Jobs That Give You an Opportunity to Work with AnimalsWhen one mentions about jobs on animals, the only thing that most of the people think of is veterinary jobs. They have no idea that there are many other possible and well paying jobs. The fact that Vet Techs earn a lot is one thing that has made the job so popular. But do you just wake up from your dreams and walk to the industry? The answer is obviously no. The fact that you have great love for animals does not make you qualified to work on their health. It may never be your talent. Veterinaries require much training before they can attend to animals. However, if you have a love for animals, It may be an indication that you can do well in this industry. You could give it a try. Apart from this, what other jobs are there for you if you have a passion of working with animals? Before we even tell you th options you have if you want to work with animals, let us first look at what you should use to determine whether this is the right path for you.

Factors to consider when choosing a career with animals

The most important thing is to know whether you have the interest in taking care of all animals. If at one point you loved pets, then it means you can work better with animals. You also must be sure of what you want to do for animals. You could be willing to work directly with them, or maybe you just want to advise people on how to take care of them. This will determine your field of study. More so, you need to know the education levels required and whether you are ready to keep up with the education requirements. Some of them just require little training and even allow you to work part time and so you could diversify to other fields as you work in this field too.

Other jobs allowing you to work with animals

The other jobs you could find interesting other than veterinary jobs include; being an animal caretaker. This will give you an opportunity to train as well as groom animals while earning a median salary. Another job is on marine biology. As a marine biologist, you will get to interact with and study those animals that spend their lives in water. On the other hand you could become a park manager. This is the person charged with the responsibility of maintaining the park as well as overseeing the daily activities there. Have you ever thought of becoming a teacher? Well, you could also become a science teacher educating people on how to take care of animals, how to live with them and understanding their life.

You could also choose a career in veterinary pathology. A veterinary pathologist studies the causes of diseases in animals and how they could be prevented. Another interesting career is to become a lawyer specifically dealing with animal welfare. Animals too have rights and any violation of them could lead to face prosecution in courts. For example it is illegal to poach and sell animal products such as elephant tasks. You should also not use animals as a burden of beasts without taking care of them among others. There is more to this industry. Another career you can choose is on animals assisted therapy. The therapist will be involved in studying the behavior of animals as well as the techniques that can help strengthen companionship between animals and man by improving on their mental, social and physical issues. There are more careers than you could think of with animals.

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